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"Sunset Bay"

"There is a place on the Oregon Coast of the Pacific Ocean known as 'Sunset Bay'.  In this corner of the world you can behold vivid and glowing sunsets that etch themselves indelibly into your memory.  This is only one of these moments.  It is a time to pause and reflect on nature's glory and drink in the pure beauty of a sunset in a sheltered bay."

This is a painting of the headland at Cape Arago with the lighthouse in the distance.  The setting sun breaks through the thick cloud cover and displays a burst of dazzling color that reflects on the sea and wet sand.  To show the expanse of ocean, and the long narrow headland, I chose a large stretched canvas.  The rocks are rendered with a palette knife.  The water and distant lighthouse, I painted in smooth brush strokes, lending realism to the scene.  This area of the Oregon coast is one I return to time after time.  Sometimes  I just watch the waves.  Other times, I walk the shoreline looking for interesting rocks, and pieces of uniquely shaped driftwood.  The best times are while waiting for and watching the sunsets.

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Original Oil Painting

"Sunset Bay" is a 24" X 60" original oil painting on stretched canvas.

Private Collection

Beverly Hills, California

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