"Stones" by Carol Thompson

"An unusual cloud formation known as mammatus seems to echo the rounded 'stones' at the edge of the sea."

Artist comment:  "At a place where a river meets the sea, a large 'field' of rocks has been washed by both forces until worn smooth and scattered loosely on the shore. This odd happenstance occured one day when my husband and I walked on the beach near Seaside, Oregon. I painted this scene in my studio. Beginning with the sky, I sketched the major design on a narrow vertical canvas. I painted the clouds, carefully blending the oil paint to convey softness. The ocean waves were rendered very simply to not distract from the design of the stones. It was a fun challenge to paint the lights and darks of the rounded 'stones'."


Original Oil Painting

"Stones" is a 48" X 24" oil painting on stretched canvas

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Archival Limited Edition Giclée Prints

STON8-US 8" X 4" image size - $24 USD + S & H* UltraSmooth Paper** Order Here
STON12-US 12" X 6" image size - $32 USD + S & H* UltraSmooth Paper** Order Here
STON16-US 16" X 8" image size - $45 USD + S & H* UltraSmooth Paper** Order Here
STON20-US 20" X 10" image size - $60 USD + S & H* UltraSmooth Paper** Order Here

"Stones" is a limited edition, giclée print from an original oil painting by Carol Thompson.  The edition includes 3600 authorized, signed, limited edition prints (3500 numbered and 100 artist proofs).  Release date is October 2015.  Image size and substrates vary.  All prints are signed and numbered by the artist and include a certificate of authenticity.   Paper prints are shrink wrapped on foam board.   Canvas prints are coated with a protective spray.

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Color of images may vary slightly from the actual artwork due to variations in monitors, so if color is a critical factor, you can order a small sample to verify color accuracy. 

*Please allow up to 2 weeks preparation time for your artwork to be shipped.  Transit time will vary depending on your location.

Some print images may be artistically cropped or extended to accommodate the size and/or shape of the artwork.

Note: Prices do not include framing and/or matting.

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