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"Sparkling Morn"

"A brisk offshore breeze blows lacy curtains of spindrift from the tops of breaking waves, as you enjoy the sunny brightness that glitters on the face of the rising swells.  Being at the edge of the sea is a delight and you'll always remember this 'sparkling morn'."

The early morning on the Oregon coast is the theme of this oil painting on stretched canvas.  I used bristle brushes entirely to capture the awesome splash and roll of the oncoming breakers.  I chose to make the sky an intense blue to emphasis the brilliant white of the foam.  The translucency takes second place to the action of the water, which radiates the sparkle of sunlight on the face of the wave.  Clear bright mornings at the edge of the sea are memorable for the quiet times spent with only the roar of the brsakers and the cry of seagulls to punctuate the peacefulness of the moment.

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Original Oil Painting

24" X 60"

Private Collection

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"Sparkling Morn" (CJT1140) is a 24" X 60" original oil painting on stretched canvas.

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