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"Shoreline Monolith"

"The last rays of the setting sun highlight a line of floating clouds, drifting lazily behind the looming dark silhouette of a large 'shoreline monolith'.  A quiet rivulet trickles to meet the calm sea that gently rises and falls to signal the end of a wonderful day."

Sometimes giving the piece a title is the most difficult part of painting.  In this medium sized oil painting on stretched canvas, that step was easy.  The looming darkness of the offshore stack rock at sunset was just that, a monolith.  Its presence dominates the scene, yet the vivd colors of the sky and deep jewel tones in the water, hold their own against the silhouette of the rock.  The patches of wet sand at the bottom, and both sides, complete a "triangle" composition.  The sun has just set, so there is no shadow, however, there is a strong reflection on the surface of the water  The rocks were completed entirely with palette knife with the exception of the rivulets of water running down the base of the large rock.  Everything else was painted with bristle brushes for smooth detail.

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Original Oil Painting

30" X 24"

Private Collection


Limited Edition Print Note Card
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To learn more about the artist, please click here.

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