"Sea Jewel" by Carol Thompson

Sea Jewel

"The sea contains treasures unimagined. At sunset, not only the sea herself shimmers like a million precious gems, but she has yielded a dancing glass Japanese float, a precious 'sea jewel' to be claimed by a keen eyed beachcomber like you."

Artist comment:  "This small oil painting on stretched canvas, is indeed a small jewel, although it is the glass fishing float in the forground that gives it that title. The setting is from my memory of the ocean on the Pacific coastline.  The waves are accurately depicted, because I have studied and painted them for over thirty years.  I enjoy, thoroughly, painting sunsets, for that allows me to dip into the paintbox for as many hot and/or pastel colors that I can get away with.  (Who is going to tell me otherwise?), for I have seen glorious sunsets so incredibly beautiful, it was as though Heaven Itself had painted them."


Original Oil Painting

"Sea Jewel" is an 18" X 24" oil painting on stretched canvas

Private Collection -- Olympia, Washington
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Archival Limited Edition Photolithographic Print

SJW6 6" X 7" image size - $24 USD + S & H
Cover Paper
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"Sea Jewel" is a limited edition, photolithograph from an original oil painting by Carol Thompson.  The edition includes 2050 authorized, signed, limited edition prints (2000 numbered and 50 artist proofs).  Release date is October 1986.  Image size is 6" X 7".  Paper size is 8" X 9".  Paper Stock is 80 pound Curtis Brightwater Cover (neutral ph).  Prints are shrink wrapped on foam board.

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