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QUI-N-H (horizontal)

QUI-N-V (vertical)
"Quiet Time"

"Your day at the ocean has been filled with fun and play.  Did you fly a kite?  Did you discover natural treasures?  Did you run for miles feeling the wind and hearing the pounding surf?  Whatever your pleasures, now is the 'quiet time' to sit and observe a brilliant sunset and contemplate the past and plan for the future."

This is a companion piece to the oil on stretched canvas that is entitled:  "Another Perfect Evening".  The colors are somewhat deeper and the mood a little more somber, however, the whole scene radiates peace, trust, and calm assurance.  Perhaps the day at the shore had been overcast and grey.   Perhaps a misty rain kept you in the shelter of a warm cozy cottage.  I wanted to show those feelings as the storm clouds part and the sun radiates warmth over the sea, just before the sun sets.  The entire piece was painted with bristle brushes in a very realistic interpretation of the ocean, clouds and wet beach.

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Note Card
QUI-N-H (horizontal) $4 USD + S & H
QUI-N-V (vertical) $4 USD + S & H

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"Quiet Time" is a 4 ½" tall by 6 ¼" (if horizontal image) or  6 ¼" X 4 ½" (if vertical image) blank note card (envelope included).

Original Oil Painting Limited Edition Prints
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