"Power Play" by Carol Thompson


"The wave breaks and tumbles into foam, displaying the awesome power of the sea.  The midday sun plays across the surface of the water in glittering stars.  The ocean is powerful and playful at the same time."

Artist comment:  "I began this painting as an oil demonstration for a local art group.  My intention was to show a very classic breaker, (that I call the "Thompson" wave) which exemplifies the rising swell with a translucent top, breaking and rolling at both edges into frothy foam.  I chose to indicate a mid-morning scene with the sunlight over the viewer's left shoulder.  This angle of the sun will pick out the peaks in the ripples and send sparkles of light dancing on the water.  The setting could be anywhere on the Pacific coast.  It was recreated as a composite of the waves that I have memorized throughout the years."



Original Oil Painting

"Power Play" is a 12" X 18" oil painting on stretched canvas

Private Collection

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Archival Limited Edition Giclée Prints

POW6-US 6" X 9" image size - $27 USD + S & H* UltraSmooth Paper** Order Here
POW8-US 8" X 12" image size - $37 USD + S & H* UltraSmooth Paper** Order Here
POW10-US 10" X 15" image size - $49 USD + S & H* UltraSmooth Paper** Order Here

"Power Play" is a limited edition, giclée print from an original oil painting by Carol Thompson.  The edition includes 3600 authorized, signed, limited edition prints (3500 numbered and 100 artist proofs).  Release date is December 2000.  Image size and substrates vary.  All prints are signed and numbered by the artist and include a certificate of authenticity.   Paper prints are shrink wrapped on foam board.   Canvas prints are coated with a protective spray. 

**Ink, Paper, and Canvas Information Purchase with confidence Learn more about the artist
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Color of images may vary slightly from the actual artwork due to variations in monitors, so if color is a critical factor, you can order a small sample to verify color accuracy. 

*Please allow up to 2 weeks preparation time for your artwork to be shipped.  Transit time will vary depending on your location.

Some print images may be artistically cropped or extended to accommodate the size and/or shape of the artwork.

Note: Prices do not include framing and/or matting.

WARNING: Copyrighted material. All rights reserved. Artwork may not be duplicated in any way without the expressed written consent of the artist. Any reproduction for any purpose is a violation of United States copyright laws.

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