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"Offshore Stack"

"An island glistens in the last rays of the sun, as waves smash and ebb over rocks and wet sand. Colors dance upon each new wave that curls around an 'offshore stack'. The setting sun will quickly mark the end of a wonderful experience at the shore."

"Red sun at night, Sailors delight", is the old rhyme I learned as a child.  You may have heard it as "travellers" delight, but the meaning is clear.  When you see a red sunset, you can be assured that the next day will be quite lovely.  There are not a lot of colorful sunsets on the Pacific Northwest coast of Washington State, so when one does occur, the world seems to stand by in breathless admiration.  My family and I vacationed at James Island on the Olympic Peininsula, shown in this small oil on stretched canvas.  The day was memorable, and the sunset unbelievable.  Though painted from memory, this is a true representation of the scene from the sketches and color notes I made on the spot.  Using a palette knife to render the island, helped to show the rough edges of this volcanic offshore stack rock, and to be able to depict the subtle reflections on the sunlit edge of it. 

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Original Oil Painting

30" X 24"


"Offshore Stack" is a 30" X 24" original oil painting on stretched canvas.

Limited Edition Print Note Card
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