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"North Coast Sunset"

"Somewhere at the end of the shore, the sun is going down in a burst of color. The water picks up the myriad of rainbow shades and bounces them back and forth upon the rolling surf. This somewhere is not so far away. It is on the north coast of the continent and as close as your imagination and memory."

As I continue my study of the coast of Washington State, I find new vistas to present to you, the viewer, as I paint the ocean in oil on stretched canvas.  When I saw this scene on a late autumn afternoon, I knew it had to be captured.  I made color notes and quick sketches in my drawing book.  Then, in my studio, under favorable lighting and comfortable conditions, I painted the turbulent ocean shown here. I chose a long narrow composition to emphasize the action of a rolling wave that breaks in several places at once.  Even the distant headland seems to stretch forever out into the sea.  The dark foreboding colors of the clouds indicate a storm coming, and the last rays of the sun light up the wave and splashing foam. 

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Original Oil Painting

18" X 48"


"North Coast Sunset" is an 18" X 48" original oil painting on stretched canvas.

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To learn more about the artist, please click here.

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