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GMM-N-L (left)

GMM-N-CL (center left)

GMM-N-C (center)

GMM-N-R (right)
"Golden Memories"

"There is a wonder and awe about the ocean.  A perfect sunset can be one of those 'golden memories' of a day of swimming, sailing, beachcombing, or just watching the waves roll in."

This oil on stretched canvas was painted as a companion piece for "The Sea At Sunset".  Although the originals are slightly different in size and color, the long narrow format works well for the limited edition prints, each of which have the same dimensions.  I chose to depict the shimmering ball of the sun as it slips into the sea just as a rolling breaker rises against a dark volcanic rock.  The resulting illumination lights up the sky and sets the translucency aglow.  All of the foreground is in shadow, due to the curvature of the earth.  This one of the the familiar rocks offshore at the base of the headland at Yaquina Head,  just north of Newport, Oregon.

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Note Card
GMM-N-L (left) $4 USD + S & H
GMM-N-CL (cemter left) $4 USD + S & H
GMM-N-C (center) $4 USD + S & H
GMM-N-R (right) $4 USD + S & H

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"Golden Memories" is a 4 ½" tall by 6 ¼" (if horizontal image) or  6 ¼" X 4 ½" (if vertical image) blank note card (envelope included).

Original Oil Painting Limited Edition Prints
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