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FOG-N-L (left)

FOG-N-R (right)

FOG-N-W (wave)
"Fog Lifting"

"About mid-morning on the Pacific coast of the Northwest, an early Spring day shows promise of a great experience as your spirits lift along with the fog.  You are part of an exciting and rewarding moment in time as you observe the 'fog lifting' to allow the sun to break out in radiant glory."

I truly enjoy watching a perfect breaker rise up and begin to spill over, to burst moments later into curtains of milky froth.  It is typical of the multitude of rollers, that I have come to refer to as the "Thompson wave".  The smooth surface builds toward a peak, then meets itself in the center and rushes down its face spilling foam and creating ribbons of foam to float gracefully onto the next incoming roller. I chose a standard size stretched canvas to paint this oil, to convey the smooth look of a perfect wave.

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Note Card
FOG-N-L (left) $4 USD + S & H
FOG-N-R (right) $4 USD + S & H
FOG-N-W (wave) $4 USD + S & H

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"Fog Lifting" is a 4 ½" tall by 6 ¼" (if horizontal image) or  6 ¼" X 4 ½" (if vertical image) blank note card (envelope included).

Original Oil Painting Limited Edition Prints
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