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"Evening Glow"

"One of the many compelling attributes of the ocean is the glorious play of color from the sun on clouds and sea at the end of the day.  As the last rays of sunlight strike the towering clouds, the ocean seems alive and shimmering in the 'evening glow'."

Another in my sunset series, this is an oil painting on stretched canvas, of the scene from the base of Yaquina Head, just north of Newport, Oregon. This is a dramatic illustration of the "Z" composition I like so well.  Your eye travels along the brilliant yellow cloud, to rest momentarily on the large dark rock.  Then you glance at the translucent wave, and continue to the right, catching the splash of foam, then move to the left.  Your eye is free to wander back up the left edge of the painting, meet the side of the rock and back again along the sunny underside of the bright cloud.  To me this is the ideal oil painting.  One that holds your interest.  One you never tire of looking at.

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Original Oil Painting

30" X 30"


"Evening Glow" is a 30" X 30" original oil painting on stretched canvas.

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To learn more about the artist, please click here.

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