"End Of Day" by Carol Thompson

"As the sun sets over the vast ocean, you pause to take in the final glow of sky and clouds and bright reflections;  the shimmer of sunlight on the crest of the waves;  the silhouette of dark wet rocks.  A perfect scene at the 'end of the day'."

Artist comment:  "This is another in my "setting sun" seascape series. The setting is the Oregon coast at the wayside at Fogarty Creek, where I  love to watch the waves at the end of the day.   In my observations of the ocean at this time,  I noted (contrary to many artists'  interpretations), that, due to the curvature of the earth, the low angle of the sun does NOT send a flashing glimmer across the surface of the sea.  As this oil painting on stretched canvas depicts, the sea is already dark with the lengthening shadows, while the sky is still bright with the last light.  There is just enough sun to light up the translucent tips of the rolling water, and highlight the foam bursting off the crest of the waves.  The composition and brush strokes exemplify the "Z" shape that is so often found in my work."


Original Oil Painting

"End Of The Day" is a 24" X 24" original oil painting on stretched canvas.


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Limited Edition Giclée Prints
END6US 6" X  6" image size - $24 USD + S & H UltraSmooth Paper** Order Here
END8US 8" X  8" image size - $28 USD + S & H UltraSmooth Paper** Order Here
END10US 10" X 10" image size - $37 USD + S & H UltraSmooth Paper** Order Here

"End Of The Day" is a limited edition, giclée print from an original oil painting by Carol Thompson.  The edition includes 3600 authorized, signed, limited edition prints (3500 numbered and 100 artist proofs).  Release date is September 1991.  Image size and substrates vary.  All prints are signed and numbered by the artist and include a certificate of authenticity.   Paper prints are shrink wrapped on foam board.   Canvas prints are coated with a protective spray. 

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Color of images may vary slightly from the actual artwork due to variations in monitors, so if color is a critical factor, you can order a small sample to verify color accuracy. 

*Please allow up to 2 weeks preparation time for your artwork to be shipped.  Transit time will vary depending on your location.

Some print images may be artistically cropped or extended to accommodate the size and/or shape of the artwork.

Note: Prices do not include framing and/or matting.

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