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One might be somewhat apprehensive when considering a purchase of artwork over the internet.  Not only questions about the artists reputation, quality of workmanship, and the value of the artwork, but also the question about receiving the artwork in pristine condition as it is portrayed on the internet, come to mind.   In anticipation of these questions and more, I will summarize information that will, hopefully, eliminate that apprehension.

I have been painting for over thirty years, selling and shipping my artwork world-wide.  For all of those years, I have been honing my skills not only as an artist but as an owner of a business.  Since 1989, this has been my husbands and my sole source of income.  My husband is my partner.  He is a computer guy with over 40 years experience programming and developing computer applications.  He is the technician who researched and implemented the technology that permits me to have a considerable presence on the internet, allows me to be self-publishing for my limited edition prints, and keeps the business side together.  He makes sure my canvases are stretched as I need them, my watercolor and pastel papers are cut to proper size, and my artwork is framed properly if need be.  He believed so strongly in my abilities as an artist that he left his employment in 1989 to be "the man behind the woman" as he so proudly puts it. 

This internet site not only displays my artwork but also provides information about myself and my artwork.  The artwork pages contain information about each individual piece of art.  The "Biographical" section provides information about myself as the artist, my background, my interests, the process of painting, the subjects I love to paint and much more.  There is a short "Biography" that summarizes my experience as an artist, a "Painting" sub-section that provides more detail about painting each subject in various media on a variety of substrates, an "Educating The Heart Of An Artist" sub-section that explores the background of why I paint each subject, an "Articles/Covers/Advertising" sub-section that recreates published articles and images, a "Thoughts, Quotes, and More" section that includes short anecdotes that are part of my experiences, a "Web eZine" (newsletter) section that is a bi-monthly publication that includes a timely column and a short story about almost anything having to do with my experiences as an artist, and finally a "FAQ's" (frequently asked questions) section.  All of these small pieces of information culminate into who I am as an artist, what I love to do, and how I do it.

After perusing my "biographical" information you can conclude that my reputation is excellent.  The quality of my artwork is the highest.  And the value of my artwork has consistently increased and is competitive.  I am recognized to be "an investment grade" artist.

Receiving the artwork in pristine condition as portrayed on the internet can be assured.  For an original painting, assurance of correct color may be a consideration.  I have a simple process for verification of color.  If you are seriously interested in purchasing an original painting, please contact me for this procedure.  Original artwork is packaged appropriately to insure its safe arrival to your location.  Thanks to the United States Postal Service (USPS), United Parcel Service (UPS), and various freight services, a painting of virtually any size can be shipped safely to almost any place in the world.

Assurance of correct color for a limited edition print may also be important.  You may want to view the print on more than one monitor in this case.  If the color is not acceptable, then of course, upon return of the artwork, your purchase price will be refunded.

For a little more information about my performance as a shipper of primarily limited edition prints, you can view my Ebay feedback.  I have been using Ebay as a sales and advertising venue and have accumulated a glowing array of feedbacks (short testimonials).  Just select "Ebay" on my home page.

In conclusion, I would like to thank you for considering a purchase of my artwork.  I would also appreciate any comments you might have about my "Purchase With Confidence" page or about any other part of my website. 

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