"My Garden Pathways" by Carol Thompson

Many years ago, my husband, Ed, discovered a technique for making small garden planters using a special mixture of cement and sand. His planters grew in size as his skill improved. He now makes larger planters weighing upwards of 200 pounds with top diameter of over 20 inches. He always seemed to have a bit of leftover mixture so a simple form from the local garden store designed for making pavers solved that problem. Soon we were using four forms and making pavers in addition to the planters. The pavers could be decorated using small rocks, leaves, marbles, and designs. These pavers could then be placed as pathways and small patio's for accents throughout the garden. We are container gardeners with many treasured plants, so the large planters and pavers allow arrangements that accent our plants. Our plants include edible as well as ornamentals.

For interesting photos of the edible garden tour on August 24, 2015, please click here.

Photograph # 116-18

Photograph # 116-57

Photograph # 116-87


Photograph # 116-26

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