"Patriotic Spin-Off" by Carol Thompson

Patriotic Spinoff

"A resting Hawaiian Spin-Off, waiting in anticipation of flight, blends with the surrounding surf and sky. Its master awaits the perfect wind to send his 'Patriotic Spin-off' soaring aloft."

Original Oil Painting

"Patriotic Spin-Off" is a 18" X 36" oil painting on stretched canvas

Private Collection - Portland, Oregon

Archival Limited Edition Photolithographic Print

PAT-6   6" X 12" image size - $32 USD + S & H Cover Paper Order Here

"Patriotic Spin-Off" is a limited edition, photolithograph from an original oil painting by Carol Thompson. The edition includes 2050 authorized, signed, limited edition prints (2000 numbered and 50 artist proofs). Release date is April 1989. Image size is 6" X 12". Paper size is 8" X 14". Paper Stock is 80 pound Curtis Brightwater Cover (neutral ph).  Prints are shrink wrapped on foam board.

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