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INTRODUCTION by Ed Thompson, Webmaster

July 5, 1997

While designing this web site, it occurred to me that formatting it similar to a book (a reference book) was the best way to design a site that would eventually grow to over 1000 pages. All of the components of a book seemed to be needed to have continuity and ease of flow for the visitor. By creating a cover (home page) that gives the visitor some idea of what to expect in this book, followed by this forward that gives some idea behind the thinking in the design, a table of contents that provides an outline that can shorten access to specific subjects, followed by the chapters and pages, and finally the index that can be used as the shortcut to any page in the book.

Developing a website of this magnitude is a project that is utilizing all of my 40 years experience developing computer applications. In observing the web, I've found many sites with really cool graphics and great things going on. I found that many of those great things are not working on my computer for one reason or another, therefore, I opted to keep this site very basic and maybe later when everyone has Pentium 400's, I can add all kinds of great things. This site should operate on almost every computer without difficulty. Also, almost all the pages are under 30k, so downloads should be reasonably fast, of course depending on your computers, lines, etc. By the way, this site is being developed on a Pentium 75, with 40 meg of ram, and a 1.2 gig hard drive. I'm using a zip drive to supplement my storage needs. All the images are being loaded by using a Sony Hi8 video camera and a Snappy. Some images are live and some from tape. I'm using Netscape Gold (haven't had to write one letter of html) for page development and PhotoShop to work over the images.

Viewing is best with Netscape. Next best is Microsoft Explorer. The browser in American Online doesn't always handle the images perfectly; leaving a streak of discoloration across the image. To solve this, just simply make sure that "Uncompressed Images" under "Prefs" is selected (located at the top of the browser). Other proprietary browsers may distort or present a discoloration of the images. Don't even bother with Mosaic.

April 7, 2002

Much has happened in the last five years in the life of this website.  A complete revision is nearly completed.  This is the first time I (and our two sons) have been really happy with the basic format of the pages.  Thanks to suggestions by our two sons, and of course Carol, we have finally found a format we find fresh, clean, and classic.  We have tried to emphasize the artwork by using a series of grey colors for background and text.  I have stayed with my initial philosopy of keeping everything as simple as possible.  Quick loading pages and ease of navigation has continued to be the norm.

Netscape Gold has become Netscape Communicator (software I can't say enough good things about).  Photoshop 4.0 has become 5.5, soon to be 7.0.  That little old Pentium 75 now sits idle, awaiting its fate.  It was replaced by a Pentium II - 350 about three years ago.  The 350 was then upgraded to a PIII-550 as we purchased a new PIII-933 about one year ago.  Carol uses the 933 for color correcting artwork in preparation for printing and placing on the web.  I use the 550 for communication, printing, and web development.  We now have 40 gig hard drives and CD burners to back everything up.  All of her new limited edition prints are printed in-house using large format inkjet printers.  We are now looking at purchasing a laptop so we can be communicating no matter where our travels may take us.

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