"It's A Sunflower Day" by Carol Thompson

It's A Sunflower Day

"The sun is shining brightly.  The hum of bees comes to you on the quiet air.  A stalk of multiple heads of gold and brown stands stately and tall.  'It's a sunflower day'."

Artist comment:  "In my Olympia, Washington yard, I planted tall sunflowers next to my front door.  Each morning, all summer long, I was delighted to see them and observe them turn their heads to follow the path of the sun across the sky.  This painting is the third in my series of tall narrow paintings which I framed as a triptych for my home.  Eventually the piece was given to our son, David, for his collection.  I began with a pencil sketch on 140# hot pressed watercolor paper.  Starting with the background, I washed in blue and green to suggest an out door setting.  When dry, I began to paint the leaves and stalks.  Finally I did the flower heads starting with the darks, then lighter browns to yellows.  The suggestion of seeds was dots of dark against light and by 'picking' with a razor blade for highlights."


Original Watercolor Painting

"It's A Sunflower Day" is a watercolor painting on 140# Arches watercolor Paper

Private Collection -- Ellensburg, Washington 

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Archival Limited Edition Giclée Prints

IASD11-US 11" X 4" image size - $26 USD + S & H* UltraSmooth Paper** Order Here
IASD17-US 17" X 6" image size - $42 USD + S & H* UltraSmooth Paper** Order Here
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"It's A Sunflower Day" is a limited edition, giclée print from an original watercolor painting by Carol Thompson.   The edition includes 3600 authorized, signed, limited edition prints (3500 numbered and 100 artist proofs).  Release date is March 2012.   Image size and substrates vary. All prints are signed and numbered by the artist and include a certificate of authenticity.   Paper prints are shrink wrapped on foam board.   Canvas prints are coated with a protective spray. 

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