Prints and Paintings of "Odds N' Ends"

by Carol Thompson


      Poinsettias In The Garden (pastel, prints on paper and canvas) Happy Holly Day (pastel, prints on paper and canvas) Nasturtiums (watercolor, prints, note card, ACEO, magnet) White Lilac (watercolor, prints, note card, ACEO) Pink Snapdragon (watercolor, print, note card)    
California Poppies (watercolor, prints, note card) Centaurea (watercolor, prints, note card, ACEO) Morning Glory (watercolor, print, note card) Blue Bachelor Buttons (watercolor, prints, note card, ACEO) White Lupine (watercolor, prints, note card, ACEO) Hollyhocks (watercolor, print, note card) Pink Hollyhocks (watercolor, prints on paper and canvas) White Dahlia (gouache, print, note card) Coral Dahlia (gouache, print, note card)
Red And Gold Marigolds (watercolor, prints, note card) Forget-Me-Not (watercolor, prints, note card) I've Got The Blues (watercolor, prints, note card, ACEO) Anemones (watercolor, print, note card) Blue Crocus (watercolor, prints, note) Chrysanthemums (watercolor, print, note card) Blue Hydrangea (watercolor, prints, note card)
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