"Hershey" by Carol Thompson


"'Hershey' eagerly tugs at his leash whenever he visits the ocean.

Artist comment:  "This special commission was requested by 'Hershey's' owners to hang in a special prominent place in their home on the coast.  They provided a photo of the lady and Hershey and I improvised the ocean, as requested.  I put in reflections, rolling surf and a bald eagle which they wanted in the scene.  Each step from sketch to completion was approved by the couple.  I met 'Hershey' at his home and we enjoyed a game of 'fetch the ball' until he wore me out!  Getting to know him made the painting 'come alive' for me.  It is oil on canvas, and I treasured the opportunity to paint this happy scene.”

Hershey's Family's Comments:  Hershey is 9 lbs. 10 oz. of unleashed energy.  He got his long body from his Dachshund relatives and his pointed ear and energy from the Chihuahua side of his family.  Hershey appeared at our house out of the blue.  As retired folks, who wanted to travel, we thought that pets were not in our future, but how could we turn away from this tiny cute guy with the big brown eyes and wiggly tail. At 12 weeks old he suffered a broken back leg.  We carried him everywhere for two months (Bonding).  He has since recovered and shows no ill effects of his ordeal.

Hershey makes us laugh everyday. He has an unbridled spirit which Carol Thompson captured so well in her painting.  Between talking dog talk (half human) and playing everything from chase to frisbee, he has learned to sit up, heel, and so much more.  His favorite activities, besides protecting us, include running, exploring, and digging in the sand on the beach, as well as saving Beverly from the ocean waves.  Hershey brings joy to our house.  Carol Thompson's painting in our living room reminds us of our love for Hershey and our life at the beach.

Hershey In The Sand

"Hershey In The Sand" Photo

Original Oil Painting

"Hershey" is a 24" X 36" oil painting on stretched canvas

Private Collection

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