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"Did You Know"

Did you day before 'first contact', (April 4, 2063), Carol and Ed Thompson will celebrate their 99th wedding anniversary.

Did you know...painting the stormy northwest weather is Carol Thompson's forte. Although she paints with equal skill the sunny calm days, her renderings of dark, gloomy, and turbulent weather draw collectors and admirers to her galleries and website.     

 Did you know...Carol developed her style by observation of the ocean and by painting daily to work out the complexities of the moving water. In turn, she studied the different aspects of the seascape before her; the rising swells, the translucent wave, the tumbling foam, and the patterns left behind to float slowly toward the shore. Her style is recognizable above all others as her collectors and peers can attest. This is a result of Carol's insistence upon studying the ocean up close and personally.    

 Did you know...Her paintings and prints (on paper and canvas) can be found in prominent galleries in Seaside, Oregon (fairweather house and garden), in Ocean Park, Washington (Bay Avenue Gallery), and   Now you know.

Did you know...Carol Thompson sold several prints to a set designer for the movie "Baby On Board" starring Jerry O'Connell and Heather Graham which opened April 2009.  The movie was filmed in Chicago where the prints were hurriedly shipped, hopefully to make it on time for the shooting.  Carol and husband Ed just watched the movie on Showtime, hoping to see the artwork displayed in a dominate position in the birthing room.  They were disappointed, as the prints were nowhere to be seen.  But they enjoyed the movie anyway.

Did you know...Carol Thompson spent the first five years of her married life in Las Vegas, Nevada?  She met Ed there and after a 4 month whirlwind courtship, they were married in the Catholic Church in North Las Vegas in April 1964.  Her two sons were born in Southern Nevada Memorial Hospital in 1965 and 1967.  In 1969, Ed left his employment at the Nevada test site, Mercury, Nevada, and they moved to Washington state where they all still live.  Her sons are both married and the Thompson's have 5 grandchildren.  Her family members have been subjects for many of Carol's paintings, most of them in her personal collection.  Now you know!

Did you know...Carol Thompson is an accomplished artist with over 40 years experience painting in oil, watercolor, pastel, and gouache.  Her subjects include seascapes, lighthouses, shorebirds, clamdiggers, boats and harbors, kite flying, Americana, landscapes, still-lifes, people, domestic and wild creatures, florals, and more using realistic, semi-abstract, impressionistic, and luministic styles.  "Painting is a continuous study, not only of my media and substrate, but of the many subjects and styles I choose to paint".  Now you know.

Did you know...Carol Thompson was born an artist?  Her mother was a talented young wife who expressed herself by painting game birds on glass tiles with regular 'household' paint.  Although she never sold any of her creations, Carol's mom made a lasting impression on the inquisitive child.  Carol's first 'memorable' piece was a tempura painting.  It was a profile of a black horse with a white blaze on it's forehead;  done on a slice of maple tree 12" in diameter.  The artwork hung above the living room doorway for many years.  All of her formative years, she produced illustrations for school publications, entered and won local art contests, and received a high grade in the 'Draw Me' girl contest sponsored by a famous artist school.  Now you know.

Did you know...Carol Thompson has gained world-wide recognition for her paintings of kite flying scenes?  She got 'hooked' on kites when her husband purchased a set of 6 TRLBY kites to fly on the beach in Oregon while on vacation with their two young sons.  Almost immediately she began painting the beautiful, graceful kites with long streaming tails.  She travelled to Hawaii and Florida and more to kite festivals, where she and Ed flew their kites and gathered research material for future paintings. Her favorite kites are still the diamond shaped TRLBY's with 100' tails.  She and Ed each have a matching stack of eight that they fly together as a team.  Their choreography is "trying to stay out of each others way". It actually looks pretty good.

Did you know..."Marine And Commerce" magazine, published in Istanbul, Turkey, has printed an interview with Carol Thompson?  The interview was accomplished via email with high resolution images of her artwork being forwarded as attachments.  The interview was printed as a six page article both in Turkish and English.  You can view that interview (a 582K PDF) here.

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