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This listing was published in the "Contemporary Western Artists" book written by Peggy and Harold Samuels.

"This is a book that started out to be a biographical dictionary of today's leading artists of the American West and has ended as a celebration of the quality of the art."

"This book establishes the cast of characters for investment in contemporary Western art by providing a list of artists who can be assumed to be investment grade."

    Thompson, Carol J.  Realist painter of the northern Pacific Coast.  Born in Medford, Wisconsin in 1941 and living in Olympia, Washington since 1969.  "When I first saw the ocean," she recalls, "I ran in up to my knees and tasted it to see if it was salty--it really is!  Having got my feet wet (so to speak) I knew this constantly moving ever changing, yet always the same, subject would be my master.  The challenge is to paint the movement of the water with such believability that if you looked away, the wave would have crashed and been gone.
     "I have always wanted to be an artist since I was a little girl, studying because "someday I'm going to paint that."  She has taken art classes at Olympic Community College since 1971, has been in workshops with Western master painters like Sergei Bongart and William Reese, and has participated in juried shows in the Northwest since 1971.
     "I want to convey the color and quality of light on the moving water to show on a two dimensional surface the feeling of depth and distance.  I paint as realistically as I can, using a variety of strokes and tools from smooth brushwork in the sky to heavy palette knife on the rocks.  Using light, middle, and dark values in the translucency and blending with a soft brush, gives the effect of light shining through the waves.  I use light versus dark, warm versus cool, and soft and hard edges to heighten the dramatic effect."  She exhibits at Lincoln Art and Ilona Rittler Gallery.



Eagle Rock
"Eagle Rock", oil, 24" X 18"

© 2002 Carol Thompson