Prints and Paintings of "Vintage Vehicles"

by Carol Thompson


      Blue Tractor (pastel, prints, note card) Old Hudson (pastel, print, note card)    
Out To Pasture (pastel, print, note card) Old Dumper (gouache, print, note card) Old Pumper (gouache, print, note card) Well Earned Rest (gouache, print, note card) Yesterday (gouache, print, note card) Days Long Gone By, Gouache, Prints, Note Cards
Nash In The Grass, Gouache, Prints, Note Card Put Me To Work, Gouache, Prints, Note Card Taking A Break, Gouache, Prints, Note Cards Los Angeles To Seattle (gouache, prints, note card) Blue And Proud (gouache, prints, note card)
  Old Rattler (gouache, prints, note card) I Did My Job Well (gouache, prints, note card) A Story To Tell (gouache, prints, note card) Studebaker Twins (gouache, prints, note card) Working Class Hero (gouache, prints, note card) Wagon Wheels (gouache, prints, note card)

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