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Did you day before 'first contact', (April 4, 2063), Carol and Ed Thompson will celebrate their 99th wedding anniversary.

What's Happening

Carol Thompson, noted seascape artist, has expanded her repertoire to include sculptures for the garden in the form of concrete fountains. The faces of the fountains are marine scenes to include aquatic creatures such as dolphins, salmon, clamdiggers, herons, shells, seahorse, starfish, mermaid, and more. The fountains are poured by husband Ed, using a special concrete mixture in a variety of colors. These fountains and other concrete creations (bird baths, small planters, spheres, and more) as well as Carol's paintings and prints are featured at the Bay Avenue Gallery in Ocean Park, WA. The gallery is located at 1406 Bay Avenue (360-665-5200).

The Newest

  Green And Grey (oil, prints on paper and canvas) Clouds And Waves (oil, prints on paper and canvas) Splashing Wave (oil, prints on paper and canvas) Just Offshore (oil, prints on paper and canvas) Golden Sky (oil, prints on paper and canvas) The Stormy Coast (oil, prints on paper and canvas) Overcast (A) (oil, prints on paper and canvas) Overcast (B) (oil, prints on paper and canvas) Foam Swirls (oil, prints on paper and canvas) Counting Clams (pastel and prints on paper and canvas)  


Who's Looking

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